Monday, 31 August 2009

Advice taken...

Well I chose the first one and hope to get the second one as a birthday pressie maybe, but have def taken advice on board as have more scope with the first set.

Have ordered 3 stamp sets and now v excitedly waiting for the parcel(s) to arrive.

Have also been busy crafting and made Mother in laws birthday card for Tuesday. Made the backing paper after showing my mum how to make it for one of her cards. It says happy birthday annette across the paper. So very individual...
Have decided to keep it very simple too.

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Oh my goodness didn't realise it had been soooooo long since I blogged what a bad blogger I am! 6 months later and I don't feel any wiser, however I am here to seek your advice in the crafting community! I want to chose a stamp set that will last and can be used for any kind of cards. I don't want it too specific and since I have no floral stamps that can be multi purpose i.e. used for waterfalls, aperture cards, gatefold etc I decided between these two.

First one is by Kay Carley 'Aspects of design' and is the funky flowers set. The second is by Woodware 'Daisy squares set'.

One is £19.90 and one around £11.30. I have wanted one of these sets for ages and it has been on my birthday and christmas lists... I did discover the other set quite recently but also fell in love with it.

I would love to have both but can't justify it and am also purchasing 2 other calligraphy sentiment stamp sets (one christmas and one occasions) Please advise and help and I will try to be a good blogger. Thanks