Saturday, 31 May 2008

Cinema & the cities!!!

Well yesterday went to see the cinema, not in two cities but two towns in instead! Indiana was okay but not as good as the first three films and there is quite a bizarre end but that's all I am saying! Sex and the city was like an extended episode of the series, it was funny in places too. I don't want to spoil either if you are seeing them! I also got a 'free bag' by buying a bag of sweets. Bargain!!!
Prior to Indiana I bought some fab papers from WHSmith, 12 x 12 Dovecraft Kate Knight designer pack Aquamarine floral prints. I will show you tomorrow! They were only £4.99 another bargain!!!!
So have done well today. I made a card too and this is using pink petticoat flowers doodle-icious Rainbow! I also used Amethyst Dovecraft 8 x 8 papers and a dotty brad I had lying around...

Friday, 30 May 2008

Here I am

Yes I have made another card using one of the new stamps. I have also been awandering and found out how to do double pockets which I will use to make a card for my time to craft challenge

which happens to be pockets and as I have never used that in cards before I thought I might have a go...
Anyhow off to see 'Indiana Jones' at lunchtime with a frankie and bennys lunch and then back to see the 'Sex in the city' girls for the evening so having a cinema fest with my friends. Good end to half term I think!!!!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

What weather!

Well I did not get a chance to say hello yesterday! Been here there and everywhere doing sound for a residents association meeting for the first time. I must admit I did not do it very well! Microphones died on me and the PA system is ancient!

So here I am sitting at my laptop whilst it is tipping down outside after having to retrieve the washing very quickly earlier. It started out as such a sunny morning.

I have made this card with one of my new stamps, I think this is my favourite stamp. I used 'the big one' papers from papermania for the background and coloured it with watercolours.

Thank you dddeeebbbzzz for the fab award you sent me. I guess I can send it on to 4 creative people...

So here goes:

I send it to Andrea and Rainbow lady (Cynthia) as they both knew me and encouraged me before I blogged with my cardmaking.

I love the look of cleocrafts and the jewellary she makes so sending it to Mandi

and finally to Jay who proves she is definitely anything but boring! I love the scrap pages she creates!

Well done for your fantastic creativity you deserve the award and more!!!!!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Wake up!!!!

Wow have been tired today!!!! Could have slept most of today but was busy meeting up with friends and making another commisioned card from a friend.

Here it is...

My cats have been shadowing me all day and only disappeared when anyone turned up!
Anyhow off to 'blop' as my friend calls it! So see you all soon hopefully!

Monday, 26 May 2008



Sorry I have not been able to chat to any one but...

SURPRISE! I am back from a somewhat wet and windy
Isle of Wight. It has been good weather until today and being in the outdoors watching my group of children working their way round various activities whilst being rained on was not my favourite activity! However my group of children were fantastic and so supportive of each other. They all took part in everything such as outdoor climbing, quad bikes, climbing up and over various obstacle courses, tunnel trails, aeroball, archery etc....
All are exhausted and very tired, teachers included. So off to bed soon after MORE FOOD! Feel like I have eaten two ton over this weekend. Anyhow I am sure dddeeebbbzzz will fill you in on more tomorrow!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

I'm off!!!!

I was asked for a birthday card the next day and quickly made this up in the evening.
Also made a leaving card for a child in our class, so very busy evening.
Been very busy this week as over the weekend I am off to the Isle of Wight with 40 year 6 children. So Ihope to post some more of my pictures but don't know what I will chat about????
Anyhow hope you will all have a fab weekend.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


All I can say is thanks for listening to my ramblings and looking at all my creations. I feel very much welcomed into the blogging community and yes I am hooked. I also want to say thank you to those who have chatted back and answered questions I have asked such as where did you get that lovely stamp or paper.

So as part of my stamp something 'thank you' challenge I have chosen a card I made for my thank you cards I sent after recieving lovely pressies. It is ver simple and I stamped the background of the card as well as using a penny black flower for the main image. I used mirri card in between too.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


My friend Liz at work asked me to make her a few cards one of them being the prom card (earlier post) and this card for her sister. She chose the text as she wanted a funny card too.
I used pink petticoat image and craft robo'd the black bacground frame. The background paper came from 'the big one' papermania paper. Was really pleased the way it turned out and she seemed to like it too.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Garden card

I followed Rainbow lady's challenge and have created a card using the theme 'in the garden'. At the same time I used on of my new stamps and placed it on purple card and onto Dovecraft Amethyst paper.
I love the new stamps and have made quite a few cards already, they are so easy to use, I just have to get better with my painting. My new brushes do make it slightly easier to do finer detail.
Hope you like it. I have also finished the commisioned cards so will post the birthday card up tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!!

As you can see I have been busy attempting to make simple coloured backgrounds and a funky purple spiral one. This is my first attempt and I hope to get a lot better than these attempts. It's all about practice and trying to see what works isn't it?

I did try to make the purple one for my friend Debs but then halfway through thought oh no it's not straight, so sorry Debs.
Anyhow off to play with my new stamps and finish a commisioned card for another friend. If you do want to use these papers right click and save picture as then you can print out however many copies. If you don't want to that's fine too.

Saturday, 17 May 2008


Well here they are the 'fluffles' stamps and the luxury papers from my crafty purchases. I

recieved the papers on Wednesday and stamps today so looking forward to getting on and making some fab cards with them!

Again busy today as a gathering at 8 at a friends so hoping to catch up on sleep tomorrow... Or will I be making cards and scrap pages???? Hope you having a good weekend as it is crafting weather today.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Sketch challenge

Well today here is my interpretation of Di Hickmans sketch challenge. As you can see here is the idea we needed to follow

and below is my card.
I have used DCWV black and white paper and ribbons for the stripes. I have put a peel off sentiment on the edge. This challenge I really liked such a simple picture but effective!
I am so glad it's the weekend, after my last weekend of busyness I am glad that it is calm in my house (somewhat).
I just need some sleep to catch up now!
By the way please visit ELF/Emma as she is offering some lovely blog candy to celebrate 5000 hits and her birthday.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Finally back again!!!

Yes it's me again

I have finally blogged. I have also completed a challenge from stamp something I decided this stamp as it was bought a while ago and had not been used. So it's the 'first' time I have used it and is perfest for a 'first' birthday!

I used a dark brown card for the background and marvy le plume pens with a water brush. This was really a challenge as I had no idea what to do and asked many friends if they had any ideas. I finally decided to choose this stamp and it was tricky to colour and took more than one time to accurately colour without any bleeding. This is the third not first attempt at making the picture!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Watch the birdie!

Yes I have attempted the bird challenge Rainbow lady set. I must admit I really tried to draw a hummingbird but not very good! Never mind I tried it anyhow and this is why I use stamps and the craft robo.

The background paper is Dovecraft Amethyst and there are some lovely papers in there! Well have had a very busy weekend, I have had lots of people round our house on Saturday so major clear up. All went well and had a fab time. Also sold £12 worth of cards fro Welcare in the 2 hour open morning which I was chuffed about. I didn't think I would sell any. Then Sunday went out with parents to Twickenham and then had friends and God children round for the rest of the afternoon. So no real time for crafting. Mind you many of you sound like you have been enjoying the sunshine. I picked up my shared order of moonglow sunburst stains so looking forward to play with those.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Bought lots...

No Cards today. Spent most of yesterday glued to the TV especially when Nancy Hill appeared. I have bought DCWV Luxury paper stack which I know I am going to use for my cousins wedding card. Loving the swirls and pearlised effect too so know I will gaze at them forever when they arrive. I bought the fluffles range of stamps which I have toyed with buying for 2/3 weeks now, not on craft day stuff. I also am on the waitlist for DCWV 360 extreme everyday paper stack which again I thought about too much and then it had gone, I then toyed with going onto the waitlist too. I am going to have a go at the bird challenge for rainbow lady.
Anyhow have fun and a fab weekend.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Craft Day!!!!!

It's craft day and I wish every day was a craft day.Unfortunately I will have to sort out the house as I have quite a few people pitching up on Saturday at our house for the first time (since we moved). So got to be busy and do the dreaded house work. Yuck! I have found a good site which is now placed in 'my favourite places'. It's called 'Stamp something' which is going to start challenges from Friday. Anyhow I decided to take it literally and stamp a cat (image). I love this image and it is one of my favourites. I coloured the eyes quite faintly with green watercolour.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Nellie the ...

Me again! Here is a card I have made for a male friend of mine who's birthday is today.
He loves elephants and so I had to make this kind of card. I robo'd the sillhouette and made sunset paper to go behind it. Simple but effective hopefully. I did think about putting happy birthday on the black 'ground' but felt it would have looked funny, still not sure though.
I am seeking out challenges now as I have really got into these. I loved trying out new techniques and colour choices, really makes you think about the composition of a card rather than sticking to 'safe'.
If anyone knows of a challenge I might try please let me know. Thanks

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Biker Babe

I have made a LO for the blooming pages UKS challenge. I had to add ribbon, 'seen' journaling, team logo or blooms and finally a photo of myself.

I chose to go back in time, when I was little, and loved trying on my dad's motorbike helmet and riding on my bike. I am 2 years old and 4 years old in these photos (long time ago).

I decided to make the title 'Biker babe' using my craft robo and used paper as background from a QVC pack. I really enjoyed this challenge and want to make more now. A bit addictive this scrapbooking lark!

Anyhow back to work today so will catch up with everyone when I can.

Monday, 5 May 2008

new welcare cards

Confirmed Craftaholic

Hi me again,

Here are the last of the cards I made for next Saturdays Welcare fundraising. I know that I am going to be really nervous as this is the first time my cards have gone on sale. I have made commisions for friends and made cards to match for family and friends but this is really different...

I am trying to stop myself from buying up lots of craft stuff at the moment as last month I spent most of my money within the first two weeks. It's like trying to give up chocolate for me, I am sure Debz will confirm this as she has seen me in action at craft fairs/exhibitions.

I will probably succomb and buy something by the end of the day, like the fluffles stamps that I have waited to get, so far. I am a craftaholic and proud of it!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Going to the ball?

Feeling much better now so must have been one of those passing buggy things.

I have passed on my card collection today and totaled to over 40 cards (Housework what housework?). I made a few more last night and will post those here tomorrow!

I have just completed the second challenge from rainbow lady. This is the pink black and one other colour, being white.

It is also two cards rather than one, why do one when you can do two!!!! They are for a friend of mine who needed a card for a teenager going to a prom, so it had to be girly but also quite glam. This is why I went for the pink petticoat lola's boudoir image and pink petticoat his and her collection background on first one, second same image and one of the pink balloon papers from below (my bargain). I used french script as font for 'have a ball'.

Hope she likes it.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Cards and papers

This is my purchase from yesterday absolutely worth it and very useful for the rainbow challenge.... Only £9.99 so big bargain. Hoping to use this for the pink challenge too and hoping to get time to try it today, but not feeling particularly well at the moment, bugs are going round and are attempting to say hello to me.
I realsied I have made 34 cards for welcare overall so they will be delivered to the lady running the stall tomorrow. Hope she thinks they are ok???

Friday, 2 May 2008


Here is my first attempt at a challenge. Honestly it was meant to be blue but has become turquoise which is not in the rainbow colours so I hope it is accepted as blue???
I have used a guitar stamp and chalked it to make a blue type background to it. I used blue patterned paper from papermania (the big one) really cheap 200 12 x12 sheets.
I used the craft robo to cut rock and roll title. As you can see it's in my wonky style but I think that's ok.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Too much food!

All I can say is things have got better and are sorting themselves out. I do feel more chilled out now. I do think 'laptop' is a rude word at school!!!! only at school though otherwise I wouldn't be sitting at mine chatting to you all.
Just been at a friends party having a lovely meal and chocolate pudding! Now I feel very very full that to full to move feeling.
I had some very strange conversations with friends of mine. All I can say is I felt the sane one there and that's saying something lol. We did have a laugh and we all noticed our eccentricities that night. All I am saying is I am fighting to make the world curly wurly.
Friends are important to me and having a laugh or making everyone smile even at my own expense is brilliant. It keeps you going through good and hard times, it also makes your time out of or in work that much better. So thank you anyone/everyone who makes me smile or laugh.
I will hopefully be able to share more cards after tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled....