Monday, 28 April 2008

Nightmare day

Have you ever had a day when you can't wait to get to the end of it. Well today was that day! All I can say is that I have been chilling out and switching off as much as possible. I am now ready for the big glass of wine and very big bar of chocolate but so far being unusually good.
I am hoping to make a start on a challenge from Rainbowlady's blog. I knew Cynthia through the crafty cow forum and have been desperate to try a challenge but never felt I could do it but now with lots of encouragement from your lovely comments about my cards I am going for it.
I am going to start putting links on my blog to which blogs I frequent, firstly it is easier to find you all but also everyone can see who I go and chat too. So hope it's ok?
I completely missed a cyber crop from UK scrappers I only realised at around 7pm by which time it had almost finished, I had even accidently registered myself. I will defimitely do it next time as I feel ready to try out new techniques, hence looking at all your fab work on your blogs...
Anyhow this is the reason i have no cards etc to share as yet but hopefully soon I will.
Thanks for listening to my waffle ;)

Sunday, 27 April 2008

My Nan's card


I have finished my nan's card and sent it with my parents, who are meeting up with my aunts and uncles who are celebrating my nan's 80th. I can't believe she is that age as she still acts the same as when she was 60 to 65 years old.
I am going to attempt to try some challenges as I have a little time on my hands (unusual) so keep an eye open and let me know what you think.
However at the moment you get to enjoy my nan's waterfall card instead. She does like the colours on the 80th slide/picture but it isn't something I would usually use but that is half the fun. I have used pink petticoat images, craft robo'd the 80 and found an image of the mouse which is very cute. Papers were from many diff places and I wish I knew... Also got my shelving unit (very exciting) to put away or make neat, all my craft stuff. So will be able to spend more time, rather than spending hours trying to find that paper, glitter or whatever else I have to trawl through millions of boxes for...
Hope you are all able to have a relaxing weekend, I will stop talking now...

Saturday, 26 April 2008

My 7 Random Facts

Thanks dddeeebbbzzz will have to think carefully not sure what to share...
well here goes:

1. I am a 'Maid of Kent' due to being born in Canterbury.

2. I nearly appeared on TV show 'WACADAY' but couldn't make it due to bronchitis.

3. I have a tattoo in the shape of some musical notes to represent my musical love and to celebrate getting through my injection phobia.

4. I am very sick if I eat cooked eggs on their own i.e. boiled, poached, omelette, quiche etc.

5. I wanted to be a Musician or Archaeologist until I was 18 years old.

6. I can play the flute, 3 sizes of recorder and have had lessons to play the piano and violin.

7. I get...sorry where was I? oh yes easily distracted :)

I have tagged the following (apologies if you have been tagged before or you don't wish to be tagged)

1. Jazzy1972

2. Enfys

3. mandijane

4. jay670120

5. rattytatty

Just to let you all know have taken a photo of my nans card and will put it on here tomorrow. Can't wait she is at a particular milestone and the chosen gift is brain training on a nintendo DS from the family. She loved playing it at Christmas apart from shouting 'No I said red' at it, when the DS allegedly 'got it wrong'. Hope you are all having a fab weekend!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Weekend is coming

Woohoo weekend is here and couldn't come soon enough! I can't wait to play with my new stuff. I have got to finish the card though as my parents are taking the cards and pressies down to her in Kent on Sunday so have to get into gear.

I wanted to respond to my friend Debs who wrote about her love of the 'laws of straightness'. She likes to craft very differently to me which is good as I think we tend to balance out the universe that way!

My way of crafting or visually making Lo's is to have no laws at all, it is to be free using wiggly, wavy, spirally techniques. I have photos that have lives of their own and fall to the side rather than sitting straight.

I also like defying the 'laws of straightness', ( I am a very defiant person when I want to be, ask Debs) having circular items with 'crazy and leaning' text. Admittedly I don't do it all the time and as you can see from my cards I conform when making cards to sell or knowing that people would prefer to have a card that's not too radical. However let me loose and the curls and waves come out, I am almost drawn to them in fact. Hence I am soooooo excited by the new delivery yesterday as it has the scrolls and wiggles. I am a wiggly wavy person!

Whatever way you are though, embrace it through your craft and enjoy it whether it be straight or curvy.

Thursday, 24 April 2008


I got a delivery today so very very excited and can't wait to play. I took a couple of pictures to show exactly what I got. I really need to craft this week as it continues to be very stressful through my ICT hat. I am hoping that things can be sorted soon, or retirement at 33 is going to start looking good. Why is it that at school I don't want to see another laptop brought to me that's not working and yet the first thing I do, when I get home is open the laptop and start typing on here or my forums???? I have found cardmaking and scrapping a really important way of switching off from work and relaxing. I do like work especially in the classroom the children are brilliant and love chatting to the friends/staff I have made there. Had a fab time after work when my friends and I went into town had a coffee, chatted and generally watched the world go by. What more can you ask for?

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Today much better and more chilled although others may not have thought so... (dddeeebbbzzz) I have realised that weekend is going to be hectic so will need to get into gear. Thinking of my nan as it's her birthday at the weekend and need to finish off her card. I have to find a good mousey image. Aged 6 I made her a mouse badge (crafty even then) which said 'Mice are nice'! Ever since then my nan and I have had a mousey connection and I have made her a mouse cross stitch with the mouse poem (see below) I have found mice broaches, mice ornaments and mice games.
I am looking forward to finalising her card.


I think mice are rather nice;
Their tails are long, their faces small;
They haven't any chins at all.
Their ears are pink, their teeth are white,
They run about the house at night;
They nibble things they shouldn't touch,
and, no one seems to like them much,
but, I think mice are rather nice.
By Rose Fyleman

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Back again

Weelllll, work was fine until lots of ICT problems and then I became very busy learning how to sort it. Am not sure I want to go to work tomorrow and see whether what I have suggested will work....

So glad I am here hiding in Blogland. Cats are also keeping me company after meowing lots and lots for food. I am sure Charlie becomes a hoover when it comes to food whereas Lola does the female dainty thing and puts it in front of her and nibbles.

Thing is Charlie then believes all food that he hasn't finished is his, i.e. Lola's. He is very cuddly but has put on weight. He is on diet food but if anyone has suggestions for cat aerobics or get fit for cats please let me know.

Thanks for all the fab comments I love it here...

Monday, 21 April 2008

Back to work...

Hi everyone,
Well busy day at work and am feeling very very tired. Still got lots to do so just looking at all my craft stuff and wishing I had lots of time and energy to make something wonderful. Probably not likely till Thursday or weekend by the looks of it.
Anyhow I will add my cards to the slide show or change my slideshow to my newly made cards for Welcare.

If you scroll to the bottom you can have a sneaky peek.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Sunday Scrapping

Yes it is the last day before work tomorrow Groan but at least here it is my first cat LO using the papers I got. It is of Lola playing with her scratching post and toy on a string which she is often found doing in our house. It looks very red here (photo not good) but is better when you see for real.
I have been very busy taking photos of Charlie and Lola eating, sleeping meowing etc. The best ones are when they went to play in the snow so can't wait to make an LO of that one.
I have got to get back and take photos of all the cards I have made so I can share them with you (if you are interested?)
Have a fab Sunday.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Chilled day and lots of crafting...

Hiya another day and I am getting the hang of this, I think?

I have uploaded my cat papers so you can see what I am working with, as you can also see Charlie was really impressed!!!!

I have put on my newly made cards to share (see bottom of page), as you can see I am a big fan of Pink Petticoat and love both the papers and images. I have also some fantastic patterned brads to set the card off.

The motorbike card was used making anita's peel offs and DCWV black and white stack papers.

My very first post!

Hi I am finally getting the hang of this... I am hoping to share both cards I have made and if I make any papers those too.
I have been making cards. I have been playing with Paper Nation stamps and enjoyed colouring them, but don’t know whether to decoupage them or to make them into card as they are. I will be updating this site with all my new cards I have made.
I have just recieved my new cat papers and embellishments so I can make a scrapbook of my cats.
Look out for those appearing soon too.

By the way and introduction to my two very mad cats, Charlie and Lola who joined us in December 2006 and were very nervous and scared but have come to trust humans again and are now showing their personalities... They were very badly treated prior to joining the cats protection league. Please consider helping either Battersea or C.P.L. or even NCH in whatever you can. As it is amazing what adults can do to children and animals who are unable to fight back.
Sorry for the offloading but having to deal with the effects of these things happening is very distressing as you can imagine.
Julia x