Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Back to school

Wow you can tell I have not blogged for a few days...

Well firstly it was Andrews mum's birthday on Monday and so of course I had to make a card and used an idea I had seen in a magazine you undo the two photo clips and there are 2 more garden type pictures hidden. The pressie was some money towards a new dress for a cruise she is going on with Andrews dad.

I also have had my hair done before going back to work so I made an appointment but did not get an appointment for getiing my hair coloured. Thought it would be okay until the hair was cut and I could see these grey hairs and I love having some colour too.

So here is the before and after shots




Linda Elbourne said...

Looking good hun!

The card is fab ... what a cool idea.

Good Luck back at work X

LadyBug said...

Such a pretty card!! and the hair looks fantastic!!! all ready for school tomorrow?