Sunday, 25 January 2009

Feel a bit sad!

Have been off sick for the last two days of work with a sicky bug, isn't it great to work with children?

However my mum had sad news on Friday that her neighbour, a lady I have known since I was 15 had died from cancer. It was very sudden and quick as she had been diagnosed at the start of January with lung and liver cancer. She was very poorly and couldn't move around much as she would pass out. She was into her crafting and had hoped prior to all this to go to Sandown park craft show.
Mum and I have decided to make some cards for the Marie Curie trust and hope that the money raised will help. Please if you are thinking about making some cards for this charity, just go for it.
I know I will miss her especially all the times she has had to let me in to mum's when I forgot my key and I know mum will miss her chats, but I think this is a good kind of therapy. So I hope you will like my (and mum's if she is ok with sharing) efforts.

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