Sunday, 6 March 2011

Getting it sorted

I am now determined to try and get better at blogging now I have downloaded blog press app. It should be easier taking photos and uploading them without the need to turn on my very old computer and then connect up the camera, so no excuses!!! Using my ottlite and iPod I will endeavour to get a photo of the children's school birthday cards. Every child in my class has or will receive a Julia original :) . It is very simple and unisex so just make a load and in the drawer for the next birthday. I used popcorn but printed on Centura pearl White card.

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dddeeebbbzzz said...

I didn't know you had an ottlite!! Is it as good as Martyn Parker says?? Good to see you blogging again!

Charlol said...

Yep got one from Amazon and yes it's brill as light not so good in the craft room. It makes you realise how awful the light is as crafting is easier as you are able to see the 'real' colours. Create and Craft are right about ottlites although don't know if daylight bulb would do the same????
Blogpress is soooo much easier isn't it?