Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Charlie and Lola is my favourite and my best!

It was fantastic. It was my bestest ever play I have seen. The children also absolutely loved it! There were stories from the books incorporated and the characters were 2D puppets. A few of the children fell asleep on the coach back and I know how they feel as I am shattered already!

To add to my excitement I recieved one of my orders, an artylicious cd 'fantasy flowers' as I am going to make some inserts for my Nan when I visit her.

I also made the double pocket card as shown on enfys blog. I don't know how to use it and what to put in it so if anybody has any ideas please post them I'd be really really grateful!!!!!

Anyhow I am off to go to bed to catch up on sleep.


Beautifullily said...

My girls love Charlie & Lola, sounds like fun!

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Why not make tags to go into the pockets with messages on? The card can then be for any event.

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Well done Charlol i love that double pocket card off Enfys blog.

Andrea xx