Thursday, 1 May 2008

Too much food!

All I can say is things have got better and are sorting themselves out. I do feel more chilled out now. I do think 'laptop' is a rude word at school!!!! only at school though otherwise I wouldn't be sitting at mine chatting to you all.
Just been at a friends party having a lovely meal and chocolate pudding! Now I feel very very full that to full to move feeling.
I had some very strange conversations with friends of mine. All I can say is I felt the sane one there and that's saying something lol. We did have a laugh and we all noticed our eccentricities that night. All I am saying is I am fighting to make the world curly wurly.
Friends are important to me and having a laugh or making everyone smile even at my own expense is brilliant. It keeps you going through good and hard times, it also makes your time out of or in work that much better. So thank you anyone/everyone who makes me smile or laugh.
I will hopefully be able to share more cards after tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled....


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Well done! You came home and blogged STRAIGHT away! Now you've got STRAIGHT to the point and put everyone STRAIGHT!!!l lol
PS Did you type with your fingers or a knife and fork?????

Cass said...

I agree with you. Curly wurly is best.

Cass xx