Monday, 5 May 2008

Confirmed Craftaholic

Hi me again,

Here are the last of the cards I made for next Saturdays Welcare fundraising. I know that I am going to be really nervous as this is the first time my cards have gone on sale. I have made commisions for friends and made cards to match for family and friends but this is really different...

I am trying to stop myself from buying up lots of craft stuff at the moment as last month I spent most of my money within the first two weeks. It's like trying to give up chocolate for me, I am sure Debz will confirm this as she has seen me in action at craft fairs/exhibitions.

I will probably succomb and buy something by the end of the day, like the fluffles stamps that I have waited to get, so far. I am a craftaholic and proud of it!


Tinkerbelle said...

From one stashaholic to another... well done you have been busy.... Love your work... Keep it up xxxxx

dddeeebbbzzz said...

You'll be fine! All you have to do is to give me your purse, cheque book and credit cards and then you won't be able to buy anything! (I might have to have a spend though!!!)
I love the crafty Blogs counter thingy - it's the first thing I look at on my blog - how sad is that!!
See you tomorrow...and I don't want to hear that you've bought anything!!