Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Help Me!!!!!!!!!!

Right I began thinking about what I was going to make using cleo crafts paper and then thought I would relax and catch up on the tips and techniques of craft on QVC. As I felt shattered after looking after the other Reception Class for the day. They were very very good but it is tiring being a teacher for the day! Then straight after school going into after school club and keeping lots of children entertained for 3 hours. So collapsed on sofa to do the above!

Well I then found myself opening the laptop and ordering the big bite pink cropadile, it just found it's way into my basket.
Then the next thing to land in the basket was a cloud 9 cat album and stickers etc. I had especailly after worrying all day about Charlie who had decided not to eat like he normally does (excessively) and to go to the litter tray obsessively but not go, if you know what I mean. So he is now sitting next to me after visiting the V.E.T. and getting 2 injections and lots of antibiotics for cystitis. I did not know they could get that! There are lots of reasons he could have got it too.
Anyhow I needed to stop so have come to confess all and get ready to confess to hubby when he gets home. Although should be fine just got paid so need to ease off until Sunday when I go shopping with my friend Sharon! OH NO close your wallets and purses quick!!!!
Still realised after this I have to do my tag so will do it now for tomorrows post.......That's if I can keep away from spending...


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Poor Charlie! He probably got it because he had to keep crossing his legs because his mummy was too busy ordering stash on the internet to let him go out in the garden!!!!!
I shall speak to you about your shopping habit in the morning!!!

misteejay said...

I gave in to temptation on the Big bite too LOL

Never mind, head over to my blog as I've got an award for you.

Toni :o)

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Me again! I'm sending you an award. It's on my blog!

Emma said...

PMSL at debz!!! Oh bad girl!! LOL! I love mine so you will have lots of fun! Hugs Emma.x