Sunday, 20 July 2008

My third

Well my third and fourth would have been sooner but i have either been sleeping or not able to speak. I had a viral throat infection which has made my throat feel like a gobstopper has got lodged in my throat permanently and still is there now. But enough of that am back and making cards manically to catch up with all I have to do before Wednesday end of term. Still working though for week and a half after that at holiday club.
It's not the best picture but its for someone who is going to be a drama teacher, who loves nature and bugs, who also will become a part time nanny, hence her new job.


dddeeebbbzzz said...

I signed it on Friday!!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Fab cards Charlol thanks for stopping by at my blog , hope you are feeling better.


misteejay said...

Love the colour and the various toppers.

Toni :o)