Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Roman Villa

Well before the journey home and after more scrummy breakfast (and boy am I missing getting breakfast cooked for me) We decided to visit cheltenham and Chedworth Roman Villa.
We have been to Bath and Cirencester which are roman sites with loads to see (worth going really nice shops such as Sally Lunn's bun shop)
So thought it would be worth seeing. Cheltenham had lots of shops but we
didn't find much to go and see site seeing especially as it is Sunday, so we did buy a few things.

Chedworth was really interesting and showed lots of mosaics, a bath house and a spring. Although there is not much left. It makes you realise how much we in the UK treasure with the little roman artifacts we have. This is especially after visiting somewhere like Rome where there are artifact's every inch you visit and they are just laying around everywhere and still just about surviving!

Anyhow after we left to go home and see how Charlie and Lola were doing. I missed them terribly, they were looked after brilliantly and I would like to say thank you to a lady called Ann who fed them whilst we were away. As you can see they are not too phased about us being back!


misteejay said...

Those Roman tiles are very pretty.

Don't you find with animals that they either throw a strop at having been left without your company or they totally ignore you LOL

Toni :o)

Cass said...

Ahhhh it's a cat's life.Glad you had a fab time.

Cass xxx

jay670120 said...

glad you had a good time too , nice pics of the cats especially the last one x

Enfys said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Lovely pics.

LadyBug said...

What a beautiful Pair of Pusstats. Pleased they didn't miss you too much, I know i aways miss mine more that they miss me :) See you Friday..... don't fancy the roman villa ;) do ya??