Friday, 29 August 2008

Visiting Childhood and Ragged Museum

Well on Wednesday I had an outing with my mum to visit the Ragged museum and museum of childhood. The Ragged museum told the story of Dr Banardos and talked about Victorian school life, included was a Victorian classroom. Mum wanted to specifically visit the ragged museum as her grandfather had been an orphan and had spent his early life in an industrial school in London. As the children got older they then made items to raise money for the school to continue! It was really interesting.
Then we moved onto the museum of childhood and looked at all different types of toys although it was strange seeing some of the toys I used to play with in a museum! One thing that was interesting though was a little old wooden rocking horse which had this sign in front of it...
'This horse was made by boys at the Boys home industrial school in Regents park, London. The home for orphaned boys was founded in 1858 and closed in 1920'.

Just think my great grandfather could have been involved in making this item it was such an exciting find!


Sue said...

what an interesting day you had,so glad you and your mam had a lovely time:-)


Sammi said...

Sounds like an interesting museum! :)

misteejay said...

What an interesting day out. I know what you mean about seeing toys that you are familiar with in a museum...there is a toy museum next to Mountfitchet (sp?) castle near Stanstead. There were loads of things like those I had grown up with.

Toni :o)