Monday, 21 April 2008

Back to work...

Hi everyone,
Well busy day at work and am feeling very very tired. Still got lots to do so just looking at all my craft stuff and wishing I had lots of time and energy to make something wonderful. Probably not likely till Thursday or weekend by the looks of it.
Anyhow I will add my cards to the slide show or change my slideshow to my newly made cards for Welcare.

If you scroll to the bottom you can have a sneaky peek.


mandijane said...

I'm a bit like you....but I'm a weekend crafter, the week gives me no time with two girls and a full time job...I wander into my craft room during the week and sigh.....Roll on weekend

jay670120 said...

im get busy just being a Stay at home mum !!!! So totally get how you must be feeling.
Thanxs for posting on my blog oh and a RAK is a Random Act of Kindness xxx

Jazzy1972 said...

Fab blog, it looks like you getting the hang of it just fine, your cats are gorgeous, my 15 drive me up the wall but I love them so much and I don't have a red head among them lol, I want a red head now. I agree with what you said re trying to go shelters to get cats as there so many that need homes many of mine have come from that source, if they were not strays who adopted me LOL. Great blog and I will keep checking back for updates. Jay (Julia) xx