Thursday, 24 April 2008


I got a delivery today so very very excited and can't wait to play. I took a couple of pictures to show exactly what I got. I really need to craft this week as it continues to be very stressful through my ICT hat. I am hoping that things can be sorted soon, or retirement at 33 is going to start looking good. Why is it that at school I don't want to see another laptop brought to me that's not working and yet the first thing I do, when I get home is open the laptop and start typing on here or my forums???? I have found cardmaking and scrapping a really important way of switching off from work and relaxing. I do like work especially in the classroom the children are brilliant and love chatting to the friends/staff I have made there. Had a fab time after work when my friends and I went into town had a coffee, chatted and generally watched the world go by. What more can you ask for?


dddeeebbbzzz said...

You love your work really!!!!!!!!! Especially your brilliant ICT co-ordinator!!!!!

Cass said...

Ohhhh.....I've got that kit too. It's lovely.Have fun playing!

Cass xx said...

Looks like a lovely kit. I love it when new stuff arrives. Come from blogathon