Saturday, 26 April 2008

My 7 Random Facts

Thanks dddeeebbbzzz will have to think carefully not sure what to share...
well here goes:

1. I am a 'Maid of Kent' due to being born in Canterbury.

2. I nearly appeared on TV show 'WACADAY' but couldn't make it due to bronchitis.

3. I have a tattoo in the shape of some musical notes to represent my musical love and to celebrate getting through my injection phobia.

4. I am very sick if I eat cooked eggs on their own i.e. boiled, poached, omelette, quiche etc.

5. I wanted to be a Musician or Archaeologist until I was 18 years old.

6. I can play the flute, 3 sizes of recorder and have had lessons to play the piano and violin.

7. I get...sorry where was I? oh yes easily distracted :)

I have tagged the following (apologies if you have been tagged before or you don't wish to be tagged)

1. Jazzy1972

2. Enfys

3. mandijane

4. jay670120

5. rattytatty

Just to let you all know have taken a photo of my nans card and will put it on here tomorrow. Can't wait she is at a particular milestone and the chosen gift is brain training on a nintendo DS from the family. She loved playing it at Christmas apart from shouting 'No I said red' at it, when the DS allegedly 'got it wrong'. Hope you are all having a fab weekend!


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Well done with the tag! Who are ypu going to send it on to? I've done 4 los today. Could have done loads more but ended up bloghopping!!

TaraMcCay said...

Hi there... thank you for leaving a lovely message on my blog - cleo crafts. in answer to your question i stuck the periphery buttons down using mini glue dots - i find that they work well and i haven't had any fall off yet. Hope this helps, thanks again,
ps. love your random facts!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Welcome to the land of blogging Julie.

Andrea xx(crafty cow )