Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Today much better and more chilled although others may not have thought so... (dddeeebbbzzz) I have realised that weekend is going to be hectic so will need to get into gear. Thinking of my nan as it's her birthday at the weekend and need to finish off her card. I have to find a good mousey image. Aged 6 I made her a mouse badge (crafty even then) which said 'Mice are nice'! Ever since then my nan and I have had a mousey connection and I have made her a mouse cross stitch with the mouse poem (see below) I have found mice broaches, mice ornaments and mice games.
I am looking forward to finalising her card.


I think mice are rather nice;
Their tails are long, their faces small;
They haven't any chins at all.
Their ears are pink, their teeth are white,
They run about the house at night;
They nibble things they shouldn't touch,
and, no one seems to like them much,
but, I think mice are rather nice.
By Rose Fyleman


Cass said...

Lovely story and lovely poem.

Cass xx

mandijane said...

hmmm that poem has reared it's prose in a childrens programme that DD2 watches.....
It's done in a sing song's going to be running through my head all night now....LOL

dddeeebbbzzz said...

I'm perfectly chilled - I have charge leads!! I could write a new poem - I think laptops are rather nice...! (Probabl because they don't have mice!!!)

(Whoops did something silly and deleted this by mistake!!)

Enfys said...

Great poem! Love the mice story.

Angela said...

Great story, hope you have a great weekend